Who We Are...

Eddie Hurley (bass/vocals)

Eddie began playing bass during his senior year at John Jay High School (Hopewell Junction, NY) in the classic-rock/Rush cover-band Syrinx.  He co-founded the southern-rock band South Paw at Manhattan College (Bronx, NY) and was a founding member of the country-rock groups Hussey Hill Band (Esopus, NY) and Blue Water Band (Croton, NY).  Eddie co-founded the acoustic-trio McLoughlin, Hurley, & Henderson - MH2 (Cornwall, NY) and played in the Albany, NY based southern-rock band Crossfire, as well as several Mid-Hudson area jam-bands.  He is a fan of the Southern California/Laurel Canyon sound with its rich harmonies and warm acoustic-electric guitar sound, reminiscent of AMERICA, POCO, CSNY, and the Eagles. Eddie holds a Doctorate of Education degree (St. John's University, NY) and is a retired school teacher and athletic coach w/ over 35 years experience.  He currently resides in Orange County, NY and is the founder/bandleader of Hurley Mountain Highway - HMHBand (2006 to present). 

                 * * *

  Paul O. Davis (keyboards/vocals) 

Paul has performed throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley for more than 25 years on keyboards and trumpet.  He has performed with Silk 'n Sounds, Sharp 9, Doug Ferony Orchestra, New York Swing Exchange, and several other area bands, including the nine-piece band The Groove...featuring vocalist Debbie Major.  Paul has a degree in Music Education from Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY), and is a private music teacher, and a retired public school music teacher. He has composed songs for two full-length musicals.  Paul devotes much of his free time to directing and conducting musical theater productions.  He is originally from Grahamsville, NY and currently resides in Orange County, NY. Paul is the Hurley Mountain Highway musical director; and has been a member of HMHBand from 2007 to present.

              * * *

  Brian DeWitt (drums)

Brian has been performing throughout the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, PA) and NYC for the past 30 years. He has performed in a variety of music genres including Pop-Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, and Musical Theatre. Brian plays Ludwig, Yamaha, Drum Workshop, Precision Drum Company (NY), and WFL III drums; Zildjian cymbals, and Roland electronic drums. He currently resides in Orange County, NY; and has been a member of Hurley Mountain Highway - HMHBand from April 2023 to present. 

               * * *

  Angelo Santilli (guitar/vocals)

Angelo has been a regular on the Hudson Valley Music scene for the last 20 years, as singer/guitarist of the band Guys Night Out, a very successful run with the Ang ‘n Ed Acoustic Duo, and as a solo performer under the moniker, Big Ang Acoustic, which he continues to do presently. In addition, in his spare time Angelo fronts the trio project Thrice Bitten. He is also known to pair up with a variety of musicians for impromptu duet performances, and has been a member of the locally acclaimed outfit, Jungle Love. Angelo's musical style is a concoction of Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, with a sprinkling of a little bit of everything else. He is originally from Yonkers, NY via New York City, and has resided in Dutchess County, NY with his family for the last 24 years. Angelo is the newest member of Hurley Mountain Highway, and has been with HMHBand since February 2024.




Ron "Rongo" Harsch (drums/vocals 2007-2024)

Ron has been playing drums for over 50 years. In his teens, he studied at Lou Feist Studios and played in several local bands in his hometown of Williamsport, PA.  Ron's professional music career began with the United States Military Academy (USMA) Band at West Point, NY where he also performed with the USMA Marching Band, Beginnings rock band, and for 28 years with the Jazz Knights.  He has performed with Dick Wells, Bill Nepfal Orchestra, Horizon Entertainment, Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, Debbie Major Ensemble, Common Ground Orchestra, Ed Michaels Orchestra, Country Pages, The Big Kahuna, and many others.  Ron performed and recorded with Tracking Buddha...featuring Elizabeth Graham and with Silk ‘n Sounds...featuring vocalist Debbie MajorHe studied drumming with Carmine Appice, Tony Williams, and John Riley and he plays Pearl drums, Yamaha drums, and Zildjian cymbals. Ron currently resides in Orange County, NY. Ron retired from Hurley Mountain Highway - HMHBand in March 2023. 

                 * * *

  Sal DeCicco (guitar/vocals 2014-2024)

Sal has been performing live on stages throughout the Tri-State area for over 35 years.  In his late teens he played original music in legendary NYC venues, CBGB, and Max's Kansas City. Sal joined Hurley Mountain Highway in August 2014, and has performed with a variety of past and present acts including, The Past Tells, Some Guys and A Broad, The Big Kahuna, Tangent, and Off-Hour Rockers. Sal's guitar influences include Brian May, Carlos Santana, and Larry Carlton, and of course, The Beatles. Sal prefers Gibson, PRS, and Fender guitars. He previously resided in Orange County, NY; and had been a member of HMHBand from September 2014 to February 2024. Sal retired from Hurley Mountain Highway - HMHBand in February 2024, and headed with family to the warmer weather in South Carolina.


Sal DeCicco (guitar/vocals): 2014-2024

Ron "Rongo" Harsch (drums/vocals): 2007-2023

Paul Malta (guitar): 2011-2014

Jimmy Iannucci (guitar/vocals): 2010-2011

Dennis Winge (guitar): 2009-2010

Steve Restaino (guitar/vocals): 2007-2009

Mike McNichol (drums): 2006-February 2007

Keith Miller (guitar/vocals): 2006-February 2007

Stevie Scalzo (keyboards): 2006-February 2007