HMHBand is in its 13th year and we're so glad you've been along for the ride!

HURLEY MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY is a four-piece acoustic-electric group playing the finest '60s and '70s (and beyond) acoustic-electric songs around. It's "Feel-Good Music", because we guarantee you're going to feel-good when you hear the songs we play...and you just might be caught dancing, laughing, smiling, and even singing along to them, like you did back when you were a teen!

They're the songs you grew up with over 40 years ago when you were driving around in your dad's car, the AM radio blasting (remember 77-WABC: New York), the windows rolled down, with you and your friends singing along to every one of the words, and even playing a little air-guitar too. 

It's the music of AMERICA, Firefall, Michael Martin Murphy, Peter Frampton, King Harvest, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Badfinger, The Band, Van Morrison, Elton John, The Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, Steely Dan, Joe Walsh, Santana, and so many more of your all-time favorite artists from the '60s and '70s...and beyond! 

We hope you'll join us soon for a perfect blend of acoustic-electric "Feel-Good Music" and superb harmony-laden vocals!  You'll feel-good when you hear HURLEY MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY!

Please check our CALENDAR for venues, dates, and times!

HURLEY MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY: Paul Davis (Keyboards/Vocals), Sal Decicco (Guitars), Ron Harsch (Drums/Vocals), and Eddie Hurley (Bass/Vocals).


HMHBand plays some of the best acoustic-electric Feel-Good Music can listen to, sing to, or dance to, when you want to...


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